Max Eliseev

Fullstack developer


Fullstack developer with 3 years of experience in frontend development with React and high performance backend with Rust. Also I have some UI/UX and DevOps skills.

Base info

Location: Russia, Chelyabinsk [UTC + 5]
Conditions: 30 hours/week, only remote

Opensource projects

  • logram — Telegram bot for sending log file's updates
  • rust-loader — Webpack loader for Rust projects

Technical skills

  • Frontend
    • JS [ES6+, Babel, ESLint, Webpack]
    • React [ReactRouter, Redux, MobX]
    • CSS [PostCSS, Modules, Styled]
  • Backend
    • Rust [Futures, Actix, Tokio]
    • Node [Express, Koa, Apollo]
    • Database [Postgres, Redis, MongoDB]
    • System [Git, Linux, Nginx, Docker]